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All the stars in the sky on this clear mid-May night

Far beyond the dark clay of the walls

They remind me of you and when our love was new

Everything’s better with two
I have rolled out my bed alongside the red

Of Zion’s great towering view

But the beauty so bold is lost all alone

Everything’s better with two
A couple more drinks till they close

Then they’ll turn out the lights and ask me to go

I’ll sleep off the haze of my singular ways

And count the days till I’m back home with you

Some may swear by solitaire

Some like a group interlude

But with three or four it’s hard to keep score

I keep it simple with two
A couple more shows till I’m through

Then I pack this guitar and head back home to you

And I’ll cherish the nights I’ll sleep holding you tight

Everything’s better with two

Cause everthing’s better with you
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