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Get the laundry off the line

Tape the cracks in the windows

Lock the doors shut the lights

Stamp out all the mirrors
This is gonna hurt

This is gonna hurt
Count the gauze and the dressings

On the antiseptic shelves

Clean the muskets and the bayonets

In the arsenal
?The missing gives it meaning? you whispered at my neck

You kissed me for the first time right before you left

I stood there with my eyes closed praying for your safe return

What I wish now that I?d done is beg you not to join
Feel the wind direction change
The darkening is nearing

Electricity is creeping

With a pinprick and a tearing
The telegram they brought today was brief and featherweight

It said you died a soldier with a brave and quiet grace

The war it rages closer I?ll prepare for the storm

For the coming midnight battles, for all l that I will mourn
My wounds will itch and open

They will scar in the air

It?s the love that will linger

Like your scent in my hair
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