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Heading down the Susquehanna

In a boat made of pine

Floating down this gentle river

To forget what once was mine

I know you love another

Even though you swear you’re true

So I built this boat with your betrayal

And I’m floating far from you
Back to the land of my grandmother

To the hills where she lay

The Allegheny mountain valley

Where the city melts away

And someday I may forgive you

If I find the grace for that

But now I’m bound through Pennsylvania

And I just may not come back
Row row row this drifting boat

By the light of the moon

Gently lead me back to hope and back to loving you

Right back to you

I met you first in California by the side of Highway One

With your hair down to your shoulders haloed by the setting sun

I was driving to Elmira so I offered you a ride

You said you’d come as far as Kansas

Then you remained right by my side

I fell for you by Minnesota you said you’d fallen days before

I pledged my love then paid for breakfast

Gave you the key to my front door

I thought I’d be your one and only

That hand in hand we’d bear the years

But like this river we divided

May these waters drown these tears
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