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What if I stacked the cards, hid the ace next to my heart

Playing out the game with a steady-handed art

What if I left the closet open, skeletons and all

Invited in the press, leaving you to take the fall?
What if I scratched below the surface enough to open up the bricks

Decades of desertion too eroded for a fix

What if I did all the things I swore I’d never do

Just to get me off the hook and leave the blame with you
I built this house with my own hands

I can tear it down crush these bricks to sand

You sat there on the sofa as the roof fell from the sky

I could leave you in the rubble but I’m not the Heartless Kind

What if I broke all of the mirrors just to hide my fears

Used the broken glass to wipe away my tears?

Then I’d leave you with the furniture, the photos in the frames

All I’d take in my bag is this mess that I made

So I’ll prop up the destruction, tidy up before I go

Put away the cards but leave an ace in the hole

I will pack up all the memories, the ones faded and blue

Seal them in the boxes that I moved in here with you

And maybe we’ll unpack them, put things back in their place

When broken love is mended by a whole lot of grace
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