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I sit by my window and stare at the moon

I’ve held all your letters till my fingers were blue

I recall every moment like I’m pressing rewind

I got what I asked for now I’m losing my mind
Even when I was younger I liked being alone

Felt awkward at parties didn’t go to the prom

While the whole world was dancing and falling in love

I stayed home in my slippers watching ‘Harold and Maude’
I feel like I’m dying

‘Cause I’m always crying

If this is what love is

Make me lonely again

I didn’t date much, didn’t understand why

When girlfriends had crushes how they’d giggle and sigh

Love made them seem stupid, dizzy and lost

I bragged love would never tie my stomach in knots

But when I met you dear, my pride took a dive

I loved you in the instant you looked into my eyes

Now my whole world is spinning and I’m not sleeping so well

If love’s really the answer why does it put us through hell?
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