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I found love in a double wide trailer

Never thought I’d feel so at home in the mud

Fell into the arms of a man from Carolina

Traded in my trust fund for a six-pack of Bud

Somewhere east of Durham my jeep broke down in Justice

Trying to get to Duke to meet a good friend for the break

A good ol’ boy pulled over said, «How can I be of service?»

I got into his pickup truck that was my first mistake.
He took me down to Zebulon to his cousin’s service station

He offered me some jerky while he checked under the hood

He shook his head and wiped his brow and said «I’ll tell you darlin’

I hope you got a place to stay cuz this sure don’t look good»

The Good ol’ boy he smiled at me and said «My name is Billy

My mother calls me Buddy but my cousin calls me Joe

You can call me anything you want you sure are purdy

And I can cook you dinner if you’ve nowhere else to go.»
His eyes were blue and gentle and his smile was warm and friendly

He wore a cut of t-shirt and a Nascar baseball cap

His arms tattooed with Dixie crosses wrapped around his biceps

Who would have known by dinner he would have me on his lap

18 month have passed and now I’m pregnant with our second

Never got to Durham, I guess that’s plain to see

I sold the Jeep for parts to pay for cigarettes and diapers

While Joe and Billy Jr. watch Bonanza on TV
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