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I woke up again last night. You smell of him

Do we need to call a doctor

I don’t know where you’ve been

Was it worth it was it worth it

Sit tight

This might be the first time that I caught you out

You gotta think twice

This might be the last time that I call you by your name.

I know you’re lying to me

Cause your palms start to sweat

And your knees are getting heavy

Eyes closed you’re lying to me

When your heart starts to race

And your feet are getting ready
Chorus 2

You’re fumbling for the phone on the wall

There’s nobody left to call

Cause there’s no one out there

It’s hard to believe that no one could see

(I couldn’t see)

The writing on the wall

I woke up again last night. Let the party begin

And we’ll live happily ever after

I’m making you wait outside

Cause I’m worth it cause I’m worth it

Dressed to impress now

Looking your best

And you wanna get away from me
But you’re obsessed with the sex girl

Should I confess that you never got the best from me

Chorus 2
Middle 8

Don’t stop now you’re ready to go

We’re at the best part of the show

Turn the lights on it’s over.

The nights just about to explode
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