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My ghostly happiness, where are you now?

I’m walking alone. The empty alleys

A park by the sea in the middle of summer

Temple of dreams, green magic palace
Maybe you’ve suddenly fallen ill, taken to your bed

Laying and dreaming

About the refreshing wind. Is there anyone

Who is watching your breathing?
What’s wrong with you, how can I find out?

Something is out of order and sync

Maybe you’re trembling with cold sitting by fire

Maybe you have a fever rush dreams
What if it hurts hurts you so bad? What if this pain is unbearable

So your world is crushen?

If I could only become an anesthetizia

For you, my ghostly priceless treasure
My fragile happiness, where are you now?

Just on the other end of the universe

I know nothing about your misfortunes and troubles

But I would give all I have just to be your nurse
Just to bring you medicine,

You would surely recieve only sweetest mixtures

Quietly take your temperature, straighten your blanket

And read you a book with coloured pictures
Probably there is …, relieve your suffering

But I felt so useless for all these days

A park by the sea in the middle of summer

I walking alone, just me and the rain
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