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Текст песни Amurekimuri Daisies (MRF brave remake)

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Want you to love me under the shivering stars?

Under the falling leaves and floating clouds?

In flashes of lightning, under the pouring rain

Layin in humid grass, with wild flowers.
Want to inhale with you fragrance of blossoming trees,

Greedily penetrate into the pulp of juicy fruits.

Want you to built for me castles in the air?

Want you to make me forget of pain and despair?
Slithering on the ages,

Prisoned in the cages,

Will we always be asunder.

Frail little daises,

Seems to me amazing,

I’ve so many things to wonder,

Is this the main point. Main point of everything.

Is this flame a begining of all the beginings?

Are we the sparkles, over the bonfire.

Are we the moments that fly up and fall down?
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