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From the morning when I rise from my bed

‘Til the evening when I lay my head in slumber

Oh, the loss of you does wreck my days

Leaves me with a violent hunger

I will never be free from you

‘Til I escape the lion’s jaw

There’s no welcome in the end

There’s no reason to return again
The mountain stood so large

We were humbled

We walked a high and lonely path

The sun beat down on the ground

We looked around us

There were no trees there

We found a creek there

We dipped our feet there

We were alone there

There was still hope there

There had been a great disaster

The hot winds came just after

A tremendous shock was felt

Survivors often tell

The trees all hit the ground

Death was all around

And not a single lonesome sigh
The example lay before you

You knew what you had to do

You have a pressure in you

To destroy the one who loved you

The death was all around
You were hotter to me than the sun

That burned me up the day we went

To mount saint helens

And if the special death you gave to me

Is the prize i get to take home solemnly

And suffer with the fact that

I could never be your friend

I could never come back home again
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