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Living on a wire, the sight of you could save my skin

And the sun is in my eyes, and the breeze lifts the hair from my neck

So precariously I am inching my way across my life

I could fall if you don’t call

A sick safety net appears when I see you
Oh, I climb, so high waiting to fall

And then I cry, like a child, on a neverending ride
How does it go down, when you’re the biggest kid in your own playground

And how do you see me, how do I fit in your hierarchy?

Oh you tell the girls line up in single file, just gotta rearrange my denial

So I can play with you, and now I see, all the shit that isn’t me

I’m too relieved to be mad, relieved and sad
I misplaced my mind, thought it was lost

But now I find, you were just very, very unkind
You know I always found, that my feet were dangling looking for solid ground

Is it maybe worth closing down the Ivory Tower

And coming back down to earth?
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