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My lonely one

I’ll scorch forever more under your sun

I sing to you

Mirrors of my mind way overdue
Tomorrow turns to yesterday

I still recall those times in May

You spoke to me in a language I could feel
Our senses sang in unison

I couldn’t fight the itch for long

I ended up with my head over my heels
Sometimes we long to forget, but still remember it all

Please blow my mind

Tremor turns into quake; we stumble and fall

Far and further behind
The day your eyes met mine

Felt so fine, sent shivers down my spine

Your hair formed a frame

An outlook for a soul, more wild than tame
It’s a radiation, deviation
Downhearted love sensation

Harboured in the corner of an eye
The act of movement sets me free

Some distance between you and me

Listen, as I mourn my last goodbye;
Do you remember our day in the rain

Under the beech wood tree

It felt like time had just begun

You were soul glue for me
Can you recall our strolls in the park

Birds and trains down the lane

We communed until it got dark

In a feverish flame
We love those old western films

With The Man with No Name

And sought the sounds of the sea

You were the Catcher in my Rye

A living lifeline to me
Mon ami
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