Текст песни Mikey Bo I Is Me

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This is me

Can’t deny it

I’ve tried

But I can’t fight it

Either you love it

Or you don’t like it

But I’m Mikey — Bo

I’m Mikey — Bo

I do’s my thing I’m in the streets

I spit them words I bring the heat

I make it pound got bangin beats

Cause I is me

And this is me

(Emergancy Talk)
Have you ever in ya long legged life

Meet a superstar that then came out twice

Had plenty long nights

Can’t remember the mornings

A lot of red bull

Followed up by yawns’

On in On in On in

It dawned upon me like six in the morning

Around about six in the morning

I said either I’m out or I’m all in
Respect is givin to those who give it back

But those rules don’t apply in this game we call rap

Be to soft and they’ll try to sit on ya

To hard and they»ll try to put anything on ya

So I just be Mr. Boulskey

A party boy


And somtimes an Alchi

I been in line ’til my time is due

I’m glad my ticket numbers 402
I is me like I got the spellin wrong

I get it on

Wit anyone

That doesn’t accept the Bo charm

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to burn bridges

But I will blow that motherfucker up

Like what

You just do you

I’m a do me


I’m a do me


I’m be Mikey


Bo until my blood don’t flow

I’m all about my roots

You can call me a cornfield yo

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