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Hello dear, there’s some popcorn in here,

There’s some soda & icecream, but don’t touch the beer.

Ok, sure, I’ll be alright,

Don’t worry I won’t have a party tonight!

Good hon, now that’s just fine

We’ll be back at a quarter to nine

Yes ma’m and I’ll see you later

Don’t worry I’ll be on my best behavior!
Are they gone yet?

Have they driven away?

Am I free yet?

Is it time to play?

Take the tab, stick it on my tongue

This crummy job will be somefun!
Lord, I hope they never come back!

Ok kid, step on the oven rack

You wanna know how the baby is?

Don’t worry, she’s almost done

What do you mean she’s almost done?

Don’t worry she’s almost done

Walls are melting, what’s that funny smell?

This lucky girl is going to hell
Baby Sitters On Acid

Every town in the USA!
Oh my gracious, oh my soul

Wheres my baby?

Oh no!!

Well I don’t know, I’m trippin’ check the kitchen

You’ll find her maybe!

What do you mean, bitch, what are you saying?

I’m not leaving without getting paid!

Why don’t you go take a look!

Oh my god my baby’s cooked!!
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