Текст песни Gabrielle Miracle

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All tender moments

All my time with you

Everyday we’re much closer

You respond to me

I respond to you
I always knew

That you’d be good for me

But without you

I could never be
Want you to know

I’ll never let you down

Just put your trust in me

I’ll always be around
Cos you’re a miracle

That’s happened

Miracle that’s happened

Miracle that’s happened to me

You came along

When I was in need

You’re the love inside of me
I’ve watched our love grow

It’s a love so deep

Everyday it’s much stronger

You’re the love (stop) love inside of me
I never thought

I’d find a love like this

A love so pure

You have fulfilled my wish
Now we’ve made plans

For us to stay together

The way I feel now

I know I’ll never leave you

You’re a miracle that’s happened
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