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Текст песни Lunar Aurora Into The Secrets Of The Moon

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Blaze of the moon like black and endless flames

falling onto hungry eyes from the mountains high

within a circle of cryptic stones

into the shades of thoughts

into unknown depths

through the lunar gates

by the rituals of forgotten arts

drowning into moonspells

feel the magic — endlessly

rise the dream desires

feel the secrets — countless

frozen into untouched realms

Lifted from the shell of flesh

through the soulside chanel

into the inside

into the outside

Sailing in a ship of an eternal dream

across the sea of blackened tears

feeded by a thousand rivers

floating from the realms of sadness

sailing through the mists of melancholy

surrounded by nocturnal whisperings

towards the nightly shores

towards the mysteries buried in the dark

longing for ancient lores

the worlds of mortality forever left behind

upon the silver beams

the wings of timeless dreams

melting into the moon and its dark secrets

engulfed by its light of purest mystery

for endless time
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