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Текст песни Lunar Aurora Child Of The Apocalypse

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Everglowing sparks of augury

The celestial walls of gold

Just a windkissed illusion

Aeons die behind my countenance

Withering they are, just like windkissed llusions

Moulder away, I’m feeling weak

Breathe the spheres of eversleep

Stigmatized under an ancient seal of blood

Unforgiven steps

Towards an astral dawn of war

Mirror to the unspoken words of yore

In woe to crave for evermore…

War-scrolls of the apocalypse

Face the bitterness

Fallen windkissed illusions

Carthatic depth unfolds in utter emptiness

When whirling stars have bestowed their shapelessness

A crown, todbringender Seelenschein

A throne, unberuehrter Seelenstein

Frozen opaline eye…

Crush the seal of blood

Unlock the chamber doors…

Just let me cease in the cosmic cold

Child of the apocalypse

I am the witness, I am tragedy

I am the spectral void in the astral dawn

Child of the apocalypse…
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