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written by Jon Randall

From Jon Randall «What You Don’t Know»

RCA Records 1995

Jon Randall — vocals/acoustic guitar

Roy Huskey Jr — bass

Larry Atamanuck — drums

Al Perkins — dobro/lap steel

Emmylou Harris — harmony
It?s 3AM

I’m hanging out with the moon

We’re getting to be good friends

It reminds me of you

Sometimes it smiles

And once in a while it’s blue

And by morning light it’s gone just like you

And there’s a whipperwill singing

He seems to know my favorite song

It’s just another reminder

Of all that I’ve done wrong

And thru the silence of the night

The whole world can hear him cry like he knows to

And then he’ll up and fly away just like you
And there’s a feeling I get

And I know without a doubt

Like this cigarette I’m slowly burning out

But I did taste the pain

And thru smoke and the pain I see the truth

Love won’t be coming back just like you

Love won’t be coming back just like you
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