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(Jon Randall)
Where did all my friends go

What happened to my scene

Feels like the Memphis Mafia

Up and left the king
And I’ve been swimming for redemption

But I’m drowning in bureaucracy

And I can’t find exemption

From all the mediocrity

And the whiskey and women in this town are killing me

If I don’t put new boots on I won’t ever get on my feet

I’ve been running with the devil and there’s gonna be hell to pay

If I don’t get to Austin I swear I’m gonna fade away

I swear I’m gonna fade away
I don’t mean to bitch and judge

But baby I gotta go

Where they still play Merle Haggard

And the girls love to rock and roll

And I’ve been looking for perspective

Between the highway signs

But all roads lead to Texas

Ya’ll look me up some time
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